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Artist Visit


This morning an artist called Chloe came to visit. Before we got started the little ones were placed in the far room. We looked quickly at pictures from Bonhoga gallery. She spread pictures over the floor and we had to find the genre that the pictures were. We didn’t know one called Candid, it meant a picture that someone was unaware that had been taken. After we had a big piece of paper and we wrote where we see pictures like ID and calendars. We wrote what makes a good picture.

The little ones came in to do a photo hunt. all we had to do was photograph what was writen on a piece of paper. They weren’t easy! The teams were Brydon, Bradley and James Vs Honor, Lucy,  Melissa, Charlotte Vs Kay, Leah, Mia and Kerry.


  1. Dear Mrs. Breyley and students,

    Was the artist fun? Did she teach you how to draw? I like drawing and painting, but I don’t want to be an artist. I want to be a football player.

    Your Techie Friend,

  2. Dear Brydon,

    Thanks for leaving us a comment! Is it hot in Scotland or is freezing? In Michigan its hot in the summer but in winter its cold

    Techie Kids

  3. Dear Mrs. Breyley and students,

    We just received a fantastic comment from Brydon! We have now added you to our blogroll. The Techie Kids don’t know very much about your wonderful country. I hope you can share some new information with us so that we can make connections and learn with you.

    You have interesting perspectives in your photographs. A unique point of view will always make your pictures more engaging for your audience. This reminds me of a project my thirds graders work on. They take Mystery Pictures. The goal is to take a photo of something we see often from a unique perspective. This makes the object harder to identify and causes the audience to see it in a new way.

    From your postcard pal,
    Mrs. Moore
    Techie Kids
    Michigan, USA

  4. Hi Burravoe,
    Great to see that people can comment again – I wonder what happened before?
    I really enjoyed reading your post about the visiting artist. The photo hunt sounded like so much fun. I wonder if you could create a slide show of the photos you took and put it on your blog. I’d love to see the pictures.
    I am running a photography club as part of our weekly whole school reward. The club runs for 5 weeks and we look at things like: using different angles, using natural frames in our photos, using the macro function and taking action shots. Did you look at anything like that?
    From Miss. Leakey

  5. I realy enjoyed having Chloe at the school. I had fun doing the photo hunt, we got a list of instructions and had to take a photo which matched the instructions, we took a lot of good photos like throwing a ball in mid air, that was my favourite:)

  6. It was lively to see a blog from a small island school. We haven’t read any blogs from Scotland before. We are doing a photo project at our school with some money we received as a grant. We don’t know yet what we’ll be doing!

    How many students in your school? We have 200 and one of our teachers is from Glasgow.

    From Mrs Yore and the Middle Matters in Melbourne, Australia

  7. I am very intersted in children understanding photos. If I was rich (I am not), I’d love to spend lots of time helping children to cretae their own photo collections. You often seem to have visitors in your school, but your village is so small … are they all neighbours, or do they come from away?
    I have just posted an animoto that shows photos some 10 year olds took when they STOLE my camera!
    I wonder what pictures you would all take to show us a little more about your everyday school life?

    Lovely post.
    Mr E

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