Burravoe Primary School

Collaborative Roman story (from slave’s point of view)


Being a Slave

“Coming Brydon” shouted a slave called Lucy that looked after the villa, she was getting Brydon a drink of water. He was very demanding….   “Hurry up Lucy” called Brydon with a snappy voice. “Get this villa clean in 10 minutes or else” Brydon squabbled.

There was only one problem the villa was too big to clean in 10 minutes for one slave “To do this you need 12 slaves” Lucy panted. This made Brydon really angry so he punished Lucy by whipping her with a stick while fixing the bedroom door at the same time. Once that was done Brydon decided to make mosaic so he called on Lucy to mix up the mortar with her bare feet while he got colored cubes of glass.

Then they heard a crumbling noise coming from the bath it was the bath flooding, so Brydon shoved Lucy in to investigate AAAAaaaaaaaaa SPLOSH! Brydon chucked in a lump of lead which Lucy put in the hole. When Lucy emerged from the water she saw her master Brydon sitting on the roof.

Brydon was planning to land on top of Lucy when he came down from the roof, so he closed his eyes and jamp but he completely missed Lucy and was heading for the bath AAAAaaaaaaaaa SPLOSH! Lucy was laughing like pig. So Brydon got out of the bath and fired her into the mud and told her that she had to clean up herself and the bathroom while he slept.

Lucy had a plan she would sneak up to Brydon while he was asleep and pour some mud over him then she ran away through fields but got tiered and fell asleep James dragged Lucy back to Brydon’s villa. When they got to the villa Brydon was so angry that he made up an even worse punishment “Clean this villa from head to toe, no food until it is done” Lucy cleaned the villa in 10 minutes plus one second.

I think you made our story very detailed but next time If James woke you he therefore didn’t need to drag you.BS

I have changed the piece where James drags Lucy back to the villa. I quite like the story because it has funny bits in it like when Lucy gets fired into the mud and when Brydon jumps into the pool.LB


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