Daily Archives: November 18, 2010

Children in Need

On Friday we are going to raise money for Children in need. We are going to go to school with crazy hair of waring spotty clothes. I have alleady found out what I am going to wear in my hair. I have a big pile of stuff. I will ware my spotty top too. Please would schools comment and say what they’re doing for Children in Need.
This is a link to the Children in Need website.https://www.bbc.co.uk/pudsey/

at home

at    home  I    rede   a     book    at    the    weekend     and       the      book     was    calo   mors     and     the   mose    hurtr    and     I      was    prod    of    finis      my     book


When we went to Edinburgh I went to my first ever Macdonalds. I had a happy meal which had chicken nuggets and chips in it. I got a free toy with it, the happy meals theme was Alpha and Omego. I got Katy as my free gift. If you ever go to a city or somewhere where there is a Macdonalds, I advise that you should go to it because the food was great!