Burravoe Primary School

The Cooking Bus


Today we went on The Cooking Bus, but before we went there we went and saw Robina at the Amenity Trust becasue that is where her workshop is. When we were in her workshop there was Rocks around her office but we got split in two groups. One group went and looked at insects with the Howard and Paul (Theyshared the office with  Robina.) I went with lucy to look at the insects. It was scary looking at the moths in the case because i am terrified of them. It was also scary looking through the Microscope at them. The favourite bug I looked at was the Lace Wing . We learned about one of the bees that ate the crops, They lay their eggs and eat the crops to make them grow. The groups swapped and us big ones went to look at the rocks (which I am glad we did last so I had time to chill after looking at the insects.) She showed us all the rocks she got from a lady who was really intrested in rocks but she gave them to Robina to look at. She showed us her fossel rocks, One of the fossels had a fish scale pattern on it and the other had a plant trunk scraping on it.

We went to the muesuem with Robina. Us big ones looked at all the rocks and had to find out how oil is made. Oil is made by layers of rocks pressing down on the oil wich makes it rise up to the surface. Oil tank collecter pick it up off the sea and use it.  Robina showed us a nice crystal rock in the muesuem it loked abit like iceicle up side down. 

Robina went back to her work while we went to the Co-op to choose our own fruit and vegtables. We all liked Pink Lady apples so we took some of them. Brydon wanted to try a lime and I wanted to have Corn on the cob, but we had way more fruit and veg than that. The peerie ones went back on the bus but us big ones stayed and helped to pack up the fruit and veg in bags.

We went to the King Harold Street playpark to have our lunch. We had Flapjacks or Homemade biscuits for pudding. When we finished we went and played in the playpark. I liked playing on the bridge you walked across in the air.

We went to the Clickimin to go to the toilet before we went on the Cooking Bus. The Cooking bus was parked right outside the Clickimin. We got to the cooking bus and had to stand on a blue mat which they called the holding mat, Because they didn’t want people running about on the bus when they first came in (even though we would never do that because it is rude.) We gave Jem and Sue some of our Shetland black tattie we grew and they really appreciated it. We went and washed our hands at the sink which you use to wash our hands in. Sue showed us how to make Basil and tomato tartlets. Us big ones went and shared a table toghether (Me ,Brydon ,Lucy and James) and made them. We used Pastry, Tomatos, Basil , olives and more. We cleaned up our own mess so Sue and Jem didn’t need too. I really learn ed how to coook healthy becasue whenehter I cook I make un healthy things like cakes but I think I shall cook more hellthy now.



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