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Welcome Back and Wet Day Arrangements

Welcome back to the new term at Fisherton Primary and Early Years Centre. I hope you all had an enjoyable and restful holiday!


No sooner are we back and we are faced with the challenge of adverse weather conditions.  As you will have seen from the forecasts, the weather is likely to deteriorate over the next few days and it is difficult to anticipate the impact on schools.  Please be assured that the safety of the children is always of the highest importance when making any decisions.

The decision as to whether children are inside or outside at break times is always a tricky one. It’s a balance between ensuring the safety of the children and providing them with opportunity to have the space and fresh air which they need to be healthy and achieving in school. I hope the following points will help make the schools position clear.

  • In situations of adverse weather, the school will open for pupils at 8:50am and supervision will be provided by Mrs Blain in the gym hall until 9am.  Please do not drop your child off earlier than this as they will not be permitted into the school building.  We do not have staff available to provide supervision before this time.
  • The decision on a ‘wet day’ will usually be made by the HT in consultation with the Janitor, if the HT is not in school then the decision will be taken by the janitor and the member of teaching staff with overall responsibility (currently Mrs Hamilton).
  • During wet day breaks the children will be supervised by Mrs Blain and Mr Parks in the P1-4 classroom.

Hopefully we will not need to make use of wet day arrangements for too much longer but I hope this provides some clarity for families on how we operate on a wet day within school.