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Parent Share Block 2

Today you will recieve via email, your child’s updated profile.

Your child’s profile will be a follow on from the previous block of observations sent out on 4th October.  This block will cover learning observations made between 5th October and 20th Decemebr 2016.

Please send any feedback or comments by replying to the email.

Many thanks,

Gillian McDowell

Maths Challenge – Party Planners

Today P5-7 worked in teams to plan and organise a pretend end of term Christmas Party for 100 children and invited guests. It was to be an evening party with food, drinks, décor and entertainment. 

This was a super opportunity to put our mathematical skills to the test. We made use of fractions and percentages to work out VAT at 20%, information handling to interpret and organise survey results, measurement to calculate decorations required and calculations using time to plan for setting up and DJ time slots.

I was very impressed with the cooperation and problem solving skills displayed during this task …. and would not hesitate to book any of our young party planners for my next party!

Christmas Nativity

Due to staff absence and sickness, I have had to make the difficult decision to postpone our Christmas Nativity Performance.

I appreciate all the hard work the children and staff have put in to the performance and am committed to showcasing this achievement before the Christmas holidays.

It is my intention to re-arrange the nativity for the morning and evening of Tuesday 20th December. Times and ticket arrangements will remain the same, however if you have any difficulties with this please contact the school and we will try to accommodate you.

As always your help and understanding is appreciated and as they say … “the show must go on!”



And We’re Live!!!

A big hello from the big class.  We are very pleased to welcome you to our lovely new school website.  We have all been working hard on our school show but are still finding time to develop our literacy skills and put pen to paper.  As you can see we have our lovely log fire roaring in the background and the obligatory Christmas tunes are playing while we work.  Enjoy the website and following our learning journeys.


Homework Resources

I hope this section will help the pupils with homework activities.  I will add things as they become relevant.  If there is anything you would like to see in the homework section let me know. 

Here are some examples of what pupils produce for their homework tasks.  The homework issued aims to encourage pupils to take ownership of their learning and value the opportunities they are given to do so.  Spelling, reading and maths tasks are given and suggested by the teacher.  It is up to the pupils engage with the tasks and produce work that reflects elements of personalisation and choice.


Here is an example of how one pupil uses their homework diary to note important information and be organised for school.




Here are some homework resources that will help support learning and complete tasks.

Homework Format

Book Club Resources P6/7 jobs

Book Club Task sheets:


Amazing Artist                  Character Cop      

      Summarizer         Word Wizard


Discussion Facilitator              Summarizer

Connector                Illustrator

 Passage Finder            Travel tracer

Vocabulary Enricher           



Choice Reading Task

Spelling Tasks

Maths Games Websites:






Messy Science!!

We do enjoy getting a bit messy in the big class.  This week we explored non-Newtonian fluid.                                                    

By contributing to investigations into familiar changes in substances to produce other substances, I can describe how their characteristics have changed.  SCN 2-15a

Non-Newtonian fluids                                                                                          Many people have heard of Sir Isaac Newton. He is famous for developing many scientific theories in mathematics and physics. Newton described how ‘normal’ liquids or fluids behave, and he observed that they have a constant viscosity (flow). This means that their flow behaviour or viscosity only changes with changes in temperature or pressure. For example, water freezes and turns into a solid at 0˚C and turns into a gas at 100˚C. Within this temperature range, water behaves like a ‘normal’ liquid with constant viscosity.

Typically, liquids take on the shape of the container they are poured into. We call these ‘normal liquids’ Newtonian fluids. But some fluids don’t follow this rule. We call these ‘strange liquids’ non-Newtonian fluids.


Previously we have looked at the states of water.                                                                                                                                          I can apply my knowledge of how water changes state to help me understand the processes involved in the water cycle in nature over time. SCN 2-05a



Next we will explore:

  • Substances that can be pure or mixtures; separation of mixtures
  • Separating mixtures of substances; common everyday examples
  • Conditions which affect how much a substance dissolves or the speed of dissolving




Jennifer- I really liked when Ray came to visit us.

Jack- It was really fun to have Ray in because she was really energetic and cute.

Kyle- It was really exciting because it was a surprise!!

Matthew- It was a surprise for Ray to come in and she was very cute.

Oliver- It was very entertaining and fun and Ray was really fluffy.

Mia- She is very nice.

Liliana- She looked adorable.