Graffiti Project 2018

In a primary school not far from here, there was a playground wall that needed sprucing up….Tosh to the rescue!!

What the kids said:

It was fun to do the background because you got to do whatever you wanted.  When we did the blue background it made it really stand out.  I liked being part of it because I love graffiti to look at.  I feel proud of myself and glad I got to do this project.

I think the wall is a great thing and I feel really happy I got to do it.  The wall looks a lot better than it did before.  If we could I wish Tosh would come back again to help us do the other wall.

It was really fun and I wish he could come back again.  I liked doing the background and it was fun when we got to do whatever we want all over the place.  It fun being in a little group because we usually do things as a class or the whole school.  I liked being part of a little group instead.  It was just brilliant in general.


Our project was topped off with a visit to Shred skate park in Ayr.

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