BUDS Afternoons

Mrs Smith – Problem Solving

Problem solving is an important skill for all ages and abilities, from primary school through to employment. It needs to be taught explicitly and allows pupils to consolidate understanding. Problems are open-ended and often have more than one answer.

We will focus on using a range of problem solving strategies and verbal reasoning.

Mrs McKay – Mindfulness

The development of mindfulness in the classroom arms children with life-long skills that support their current and future mental health and well-being.

We will focus on meditation, stillness, examination of conscience and yoga.

Miss Bell – Coding

Today’s children should not only be users of technology, but creators of it too.

We will focus on equipping pupils with the skills they need for the world of work, inspire more young people to pursue careers in computing and help them to problem solve and become logical thinkers.

Mrs McVicker – Financial Education

Research by the Money Advice Service suggested that financial habits in adulthood are established by the age of just seven years old.

We will focus on giving children the knowledge, skills and attitudes to manage money well.

Miss Duffy – STEAM

It’s time to add an element of creativity to our traditional STEM activities as art and design joins the classic combination of science, technology, engineering and maths.

We will focus on the promotion of useful life skills while inspiring the next generation.

Mrs Sim – Enterprise

Entrepreneurship and enterprise are widely thought to be a major driver for economic growth, job creation and wider community development.

We will focus on development of skills and attitudes to cope with an unpredictable future, to be able to deal with setbacks and disappointments in a positive way, and to continue to learn for the rest of their lives.