Head Teacher – Mrs C Mackenzie

Principal Teacher – Mrs J McPherson

Primary 2/1 – Mrs J Smith

Primary 3/2 – Miss L Aiston

Primary 4/3 – Miss M Duffy

Primary 5/4 – Mrs C McAlaney and Mrs L McVicker

Primary 6 – Miss E Duffy

Primary 7/6 – Mrs J McKay and Mrs S Sim

Pupil Support and NCCT – Mrs J Kaney and Mrs M McKay

Senior Clerical Officer – Mrs D Sutherland

Clerical Assistant – Mrs S Edmiston

Janitor – Mr J McDermott

Classroom Assistant – Mrs J Kelly

Additional Support Needs Assistants – Mrs A Docherty & Miss R Barr

Home Link Support Worker – Mr G Boyd

Educational Psychologist – Ms W O’Neill

Active Schools Co-ordinator – Ms L Dawson

PATHS Co-ordinator – Mrs K Fotheringham

Music Tuition – Mr R Russell

School Chaplain – Monsignor Andrew McFadden

Pastoral Care – Sister Mary Frances Collett

Working in partnership as a team, we will provide your children with the support they require to achieve their full potential.