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Week Beginning 24th August

Good afternoon everyone, I hope you had a lovely weekend. Just a few reminders for the week ahead:

  • Please ensure all personal belongings are clearly labelled, including water bottles.
  • Outdoor gym sessions will be on a Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday each week. Please ensure your child has suitable waterproof clothing and footwear for being outside on these days.
  • Unfortunately, we are unable to store any items of clothing in class at this time, e.g. puddle suits/waterproof jackets or trousers. These can be kept in your child’s school bag and will be sent home at the end of each day.
  • Please help your child to practice putting on their jacket so they get used to zips / buttons, as necessary. If your child is coming to school with lace up shoes, please practice tying laces at home.
  • Only one snack is required for playtime and I would appreciate if this could be kept in your child’s school bag rather than their lunch box.
  • Please encourage your child not to bring any toys into school.
  • If there are any changes to usual end of day pick up arrangements,  the class teacher / school office must be informed in advance.

Today your child was given a letter home about the annual flu vaccination. These are to be returned by Friday 28th August. 

Tomorrow (Tuesday 25th August) is myself and Miss Finnigan’s time out of class. Mrs Kane and Mrs Hughes will be in class all day. There will no disruption for the children and daily routines will continue as normal. This will happen on a fortnightly basis.

Kind Regards,

Miss Grant and Miss Finnigan

PE Days

Good evening everyone, I hope you have had a fabulous weekend and are ready for our first full week back.

Just a little note to say our PE sessions will be Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. If possible, please ensure your child is suitably dressed for being outside on these days. This will start from Monday (17th).

I look forward to seeing you all tomorrow.

Miss Grant and Miss Finnigan

Our Frog

Hi boys and girls! I hope you are enjoying your summer holidays! I have some exciting news.

I still don’t have our adoption documents – they are in the mail though! However, the very kind staff at Amazonia have sent us a lovely picture of our adopted tree frog. I have also been told her name is Chubb!

I hope you enjoy looking at the picture! I will post our documents when I get them. She is very cute, I wonder if she is related to Tommy?

Miss Grant

Leo’s Adventures: Sunday 29th March

Hi Everybody 🐾🐾

I hope that you have all had a great weekend. We are so lucky that the sun shone. I hope that you all had fun outside in the fresh air in your gardens.

I had a great time with Mrs S and her family. We spent lots of time outside doing jobs in the garden.

I had a nice time painting stones with Kirsty.

Playing on the trampoline and trying my version of the monkey bars 😅

We had fun trying out the toilet roll challenge.

I hope you all had as much fun as me. I think I’ll sleep well tonight.

Night night,

Love Leo xx 🐾🐾


Leo’s Adventures: Friday 27th March

Hello Everybody 🐾🐾

I hope you all had a great day. The end of your first week of learning at home, well done.  Mrs S says that you have all been amazing! You have been patient when the computers have been a bit slow, and when the teachers have been trying out new links. Thank you 👍🌟

The best bit of my day was when I managed to speak to a few of you on a call. It was lovely to hear those little voices,  and Miss Mia’s giggle 😅

Mrs S says that Miss G is going to try a video call next week. That will be so exciting so 🤞 it all works.

Enjoy the weekend, time away from screens and playing safely in your gardens.

Love Leo xx 🐾🐾



Leo’s Adventures: Thursday 26th March

Hi Everybody 🐾🐾

I am very sorry but Mrs S was so busy on Teams yesterday that she forgot to help me to write my diary 😯

It was quite a quiet day with everyone working hard. I spent quite a lot of time practising my French with Pierre 🇫🇷

I wonder if you are as good as me at counting to 20 in French, and then back again.

Today I chased the chickens in the garden. I was so fast that Mrs S couldn’t take a photo of me 😹🐔🐔🐔🐔.  Later on I hid in the laundry basket, nobody found me for ages!

I only came out when I smelled the fish and chips for tea.

Before bed, I went outside with Mrs S and her family to clap and cheer for the fabulous NHS workers who are doing such an amazing job at keeping us as safe as possible. Ewan played his pipes, and lots of people cheered.

Sleep well.

Love Leo xx🐾🐾

Leo’s Adventures: Tues 24th March

Hi Everybody 🐾🐾

I hope you’ve all had a busy day. Look where I managed to sneak into…….

I just love Shreddies! I wonder what your favourite cereal is?

It was a bit colder today, but I still played in the garden with the chickens. They can run pretty fast you know.

I kept Mrs S company while she was working. She was very excited when she had a video call with the other P2 Teachers! I think they all miss each other too.

I hope you are all having lots of fun, and learning lots of new things at home.

Love Leo xx 🐾🐾


Leo’s Adventures : Monday 23rd March

Hi Everybody,

Another busy day for me. The morning was pretty quiet as Mrs Simpson and Ewan and Kirsty were busy on Microsoft Teams. It appears that everyone is working from home on computers. It’s all a bit odd, and I heard Mrs S saying things were taking a bit longer than planned, but nobody was to worry about it.

After lunch I watched Kirsty make some fairy cakes. We enjoyed them later on, once everyone had finished working for the day.  They were yummy 😋

Then I helped Mrs Simpson to clean her utility room. More sorting! It was pretty tiring work.

I hope you all had a good day.

Night night.

Love Leo xx 🐾🐾

Leo’s Adventures: Sunday 22nd March

Hi Everybody 🐾🐾

I hope that you all had as much fun in the sunshine as I did.

This morning I helped Ewan and Kirsty to make breakfast for their mum, Mrs Simpson. She was very lucky to get her favourite, avocado 🥑 on toast, croissants 🥐, orange juice and tea………..yum yum!

Then I helped Mrs Simpson to measure safe distances on her patio so that she could have a bit of time with her mum. Her mum and dad live right at the end of her house in a little flat.

Afterthat I played in the garden with Ewan and Kirsty, helped Mrs S to clean the wedge ready for writing on next week, watched her hang out yet more washing (I counted the pegs in pairs, right up to 48) and then we tidied up her shed. Lots of sorting 😀

We had a tasty dinner, and now I’m going to snuggle down to sleep on her giant beanbag.  Kirsty has promised to read me Rumble in the Jungle, I love that book.

Maybe you could start to write a little diary of the things you get up to, and we could look at it together when we’re back at school.

I hope you’ve all had a great day too. Sleep well my friends.

Love Leo xx🐾🐾