Homework: week beginning 2nd May

Hello everyone

Well done to all the wonderful children in Primary two who continue to work hard and have a positive attitude to their spelling homework. Our spelling rule for this week is ‘al.’

Our spelling rule words are:

  1. talk
  2. walk
  3. small
  4. tall

Our common words are:

  1. after
  2. thing
  3. just
  4. our

Spelling words should be written a further twice and at least one sentence using our spelling words. Recognition and understanding of common words is an important part of supporting our reading skills. For fun, the children could try to spot as many common words as they can during the week.

We would love to see the children challenge themselves by growing the spelling rule words. For example, talk – talking, talked.

Please, get in contact if you have any questions.

Many thanks

Miss Brown