Spelling Homework 14.12.2020

Hello, Primary 2,

In class, you will have learned the new spelling rule o_e.
For your spelling homework, we would like you to write the spelling rule and common words out three times. We would also like you to create a sentence of your own. Your sentence should include at least one or more of the spelling rule words. This should be returned by Friday for your teacher to mark.

Here is a little video to help remind you of the spelling rule this week.

Please copy the words below three times.

1. nose
2. bone
3. code
4. home
5. people
6. did
7. not
8. can


Can you try to create a sentence which should include at least one spelling rule word. Here is an example.

“The bone did not go home”.

We love seeing your work, therefore, we encourage you to take a picture and add it to the assignment. You can also add photos to your class notebook or use it to type up your homework.