The Use of Microsoft Teams

Hi everyone! Just a quick reminder on how to use teams and what the day will look like:

Every morning your teacher will post a ‘Good Morning’ post. This is essentially a post to register you all, just like we would do in school. Can you please try and reply to this post at some point during the day. If you do not we have to mark you absent.

Can you please make sure you only reply to the posts the teacher makes and do not create your own posts. It clogs up the news feed and important messages get lost. Please do not post gifs in the class teams page. The chill out zone is always available for you to chat with your friends. This will be monitored by teachers.

Each day, you will be set a maths, literacy, health and wellbeing and another task. Sometimes, this will be in the form of an assignment or a post on the class teams page. If this is a post on teams, please submit your work by replying to that post. If you complete work in your notebook, can you please let us know so we can give feedback. You can do this by replying to our good morning post. We love to see your work, but it would help us greatly if you could only post this in 1 place – either news feed (if you are replying to a post), in notebook or in the assignment itself.

Remember to do what you can, the assignments are set for the week so don’t worry about completing them all in the one day. Also, learning can take place in lots of different ways such as through play, games with family, outdoor learning, household chores etc.

As always, we are available throughout the day should you need help with anything. Please do not hesitate to ask. Please do not worry about any technical issues, we are in this together!

Thank you.

The Primary 2 teachers