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Thank You

A huge thank you to the parents and friends who came to the school over the weekend and tidied up the playground and garden areas.  This has made it look much more welcoming for the pupils returning on Wednesday.

Your hard work was noticed by everyone this morning and is greatly appreciated.

We are all looking forward to having our pupils back in school from Wednesday, having fun and learning loads.

Sumdog Renfrewshire Contest – Final Results

A huge well done to everyone who took part in the Sumdog contest. I am very impressed with the participation levels but then, you have all been stars throughout home learning so I wouldn’t expect anything less from you because you are absolute stars! See below for the final class and pupil results.

Class Leaderboard

  • 19th – P4M
  • 30th – P4F
  • 38th – P3M
  • 71st – P3F
  • 72nd – P3A
  • 68th – P6M
  • 97th – P4B
  • 119th – P5C
  • 142nd – P6G
  • 149th – P1S
  • 156th – P1P
  • 159th – P3C

Top 50 Pupils

  • 3rd – Luke Y, P4M
  • 16th – Jacob A, P5C
  • 34th – Finn K, P3F

A huge shout out to these 3 pupils who put in a massive effort!

Sumdog Contest – Day 4 Results

Wow! What a super result we have from yesterday. One of our P4 pupils Luke has put in a huge effort and is currently the top pupil in the whole of Renfrewshire. Well done!

Class Leaderboard:

  • P4M – 9th
  • P3M – 15th
  • P6M – 34th
  • P4F – 41st
  • P3A – 65th
  • P3F – 87th
  • P6G – 113th
  • P1S – 126th
  • P3C – 130th

Top Pupils:

  • 1st – Luke Y, P4M
  • 17th – Sam J, P6M
  • 25th – Ruben M, P3M
  • 29th – Leia J, P3M

Issues with Teams

Dear all,

We are aware of the issues with MS Teams that many of you are experiencing and have reported these to our IT teams.

We have been advised that this is a worldwide issue that Microsoft are aware of . It is due to the massive increase in use of Teams worldwide as schools and businesses adapt to working remotely.

Microsoft are currently working to address these issues and we will hopefully start to see better stability in the coming weeks.

In the meantime please do not harass yourselves over this. We understand the immense pressures that all families are under at this time. Do what you can, leave what you can.

This week has been a huge learning curve for us all and we are all still working on  finding the solution that works best.  All we ask is that you and your family do everything in your power to stay safe and well.

25/03/2020 – Good Morning

Good morning everyone. I hope you are all well. Please remember to check in at some point today on the class team. If the internet becomes too slow or things are not loading please don’t worry about completing all the tasks.  We know that you are doing lots of other great learning beyond what’s on your class team. We are loving seeing the pictures that your parents are tweeting of you in action.

We want you to stay in touch with your friends but remember our normal school online rules apply to the Chill Out Zone.  No inappropriate comments, words, gifs or emojis. Your teachers can (and will) mute you from the team if required.

I have been amazed at all the interesting activities that you have been taking part in online. We are all very proud of the way you have all adapted to this new way of working and stayed on top of your learning. Well done 🙂