Virtual Cross Country

The whole school had a fantastic performance at the Virtual Cross-Country event with an amazing 19 podium finishes! The pupils were inspired by the motivational video our Road Race Champions created and went the extra mile to complete the challenges. A big thank you to the Parent Council for the investment in our running track as this was perfect for counting our laps and pacing ourselves.

Below are the results against classes of the same stage across Renfrewshire:

Primary 1

P1C Joint 2nd
P1P Joint 2nd
P1S Joint 1st
P1M Joint 2nd
P1W Joint 1st


Primary 2

P2H Joint 5th
P2E 3rd Place
P2J Joint 6th
P2F Joint 4th
P2G 2nd Place

Primary 3

P3F Joint 3rd
P3C Joint 3rd
P3W 4th Place
P3A 5th Place
P3M 6th Place


Primary 4

P4B 4th Place
P4M 2nd Place
P4H 1st Place
P4F Joint 3rd
P4J Joint 3rd

Primary 5

P5C 2nd place
P5M 3rd Place
P5R 4th Place


Primary 6

P6 A/G 1st Place
P6M 6th Place


Primary 7

P7H 1st place
P7C 2nd place
P7S 3rd place


What a fantastic achievement! We are very proud of you all.

Go Team Bishopton!

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