Video Recording

Dear Parent/Carer

Video Recording

As you will all be aware this is a big year for Bishopton Primary School.  After many years of growing, due to the expansion of Bishopton, a second school is due to open in the Village and a number of our pupils will be moving on after the summer break.  Once again, due to COVID restrictions, we will be unable to do any large-scale events at the end of session. Therefore, this year to mark the end of an era and to celebrate new beginnings, we have decided to produce a virtual End of Term Concert that you can watch from the comfort of your own home.

However, as pupils are not allowed to sing in school, we need your help to record the content.

Your child’s class teacher will have uploaded a backing track onto Teams and provided you with a copy of the words. The children will have listened to this many times in class and will have discussed ideas as to what the videos might look like. Now it’s over to you to record!

We require videos that only include your child singing with no audible backing track. The easiest way to do this is with the child singing along to the track whilst listening through headphones. Your child’s class teacher may not need your child to sing the whole song and they will let you know what is required.

As children under 12 are allowed to meet up outwith school, your child may feel more comfortable singing with a group of their friends and this is fine too. Once again your child’s class teacher will keep you informed of any specific requests for their song.

The most important point is that the videos are recorded with no audible backing track. This will allow us to combine all of the pupil voices into one track.

Please title your video file child’s name and class e.g.joebloggsP6H.mp4

Please email your video to by Friday 4 June 2021.

If your child is reluctant to do this at home, classes will also be recording some lip-synched content in school. This will ensure that everyone gets to appear in the concert.  We would however, like to have as much singing from the pupils as possible so your support in this is greatly appreciated.

If you have any further questions regarding this please get in touch with your child’s class teacher.

Yours faithfully

Wendy McNaught


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