Virtual Sports Day 2020 Winners- The Ospreys

A massive congratulations to the Ospreys who finished with the highest points total.

1st – Ospreys – 74596
2nd – Eagles – 67340
3rd – Hawks – 61930
4th Falcons – 52721

What an amazing sports day, it was such a delight to see the community spirit and house pride in all of the pictures. I have tried to fit as many pictures and clips in as I can but may need to make an extended copy with the amount of clips! It took days to go through.

Have a look at the links below to see a short montage of the day for each house:





Thank you so much for making this such a successful day!

Go Team Bishopton.

Mr McAvoy 😊

3 thoughts on “Virtual Sports Day 2020 Winners- The Ospreys”

  1. Just watched the Falcons(my Grandson’s house) & they all did well even although they ended in 4th place. The children in every house really put on quite a show!

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