Big Pedal

Coming soon to Bishopton Primary – The Big Pedal is organised by the cycling charity Sustrans.  Every year they encourage children in schools all over the UK to cycle or scoot to school.  Parents and teachers are encouraged to join in too.  Every journey made is recorded over a 10 day period.  The school with the most journeys is the winner.  Prizes are awarded every day.

In Bishopton Primary, there is a special certificate for each daily class winner and an extra cycle/scooting time awarded to the over all winning class.

We ask that children cycle or scoot to school (but not in the playground before school or on the way home from school).

At some time every day, teachers will take their class to the playground to cycle or scoot and improve fitness , as well as having fun.

We would ask that all children wear a helmet on their bikes and , if they have one, on their scooters. Please make sure all helmets fit properly and are undamaged.

Please help us protect your child’s safety by checking over their bike or scooter before they bring it to school.

If your child has a lock for their bike or scooter they are welcome to use it, as bikes and scooters will be stored in the playground.  Children are responsible for looking after lock keys.

Let’s hope for good weather. Please join in if you have a bike (or scooter!) If you would like to find out more or just keep up with our progress, you can check out the Sustrans Big Pedal website.

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