Community Cafe – Guests Needed!

Hello everyone!

Our final intergenerational community café takes place on Wednesday 31st May from 1.30-3pm. We would really appreciate your help in ensuring we have lots of visitors to the café. The aim of the café is to provide an opportunity for the host class (P5H this month) to interact with older members of our local community and to enjoy spending some time together.

Please let any grandparents, friends of grandparents, or any family friends or neighbours you think would be interested, know they are very welcome to come along! Please let them know they do not have to have grandkids at the school and they do not have to stay for the full time, they are welcome to drop in for some of the café time, we would be delighted to see them!

As this is our last café of the school year we would love it to be a big success and to see lots of new faces come along. If you have any questions please leave a comment below or contact me at the school.

With thanks!

Miss Burnett

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