P5S – Group 1 Maths Homework 15.5.17

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Please read each question carefully so you understand fully what is being asked of you and the type of operation which should be used.

Each answer should show all workings and include a sentence answer. This task should be completed and returned to school by Friday.

Work It Out!

  1. The Titanic had 4 funnels. Each funnel was 19m tall. If the tunnels were stacked on top of each other, how high would they be?
  1. There were 2,223 people on board the Titanic. If 1300 of them were passengers, how many were crew?
  1. There were 319 1st class passengers and 272 2nd class passengers. How many 3rd class passengers were there?
  1. Of the 2,223 people on board the Titanic, the Carpathia only managed to rescue 705 of them. How many people died in the sinking of the Titanic?
  1. Challenge Question: The Titanic left Southampton at midday on 10th April 1912.  She stopped at Cherbourg to collect passengers before travelling to Queenstown. She arrived at Queenstown at 11.30 am on 11th April 1912. How long did it take the Titanic to travel to Queenstown after leaving Southampton?

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