Technology Masterclass 10.5.17

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What another interesting Masterclass we had this week! Each group was given another design challenge and a selection of resources. You were asked to use these resources to create the Eiffel Tower. Your Success Criteria this week was:

Your Eiffel Tower must be:

  • free standing (not leaning against something)
  • as close in design to the original as possible
  • worked on by ALL group members

How did your group do? Once again, ideas were being discussed and whiteboards were used to share design ideas.

We had some fabulous completed designs created. Have a look at the photographs and let me know what you think. Lots of fun was had this afternoon, so much so that one group have even asked if they can complete their design at lunchtime. I look forward to adding their completed tower at a later date. Well done to everyone for showing such enthusiasm.

Here are some photographs of you hard at work on your designs.

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