P7 Punctuation & Grammar – Homework 2

Please complete the exercise in you Spelling Homework jotter for Friday 12th May. Remember to write a title, date and complete each question fully by reading the question. Use the links on the Language Revision post to help you answer the questions, if necessary: https://blogs.glowscotland.org.uk/re/bishopton/2017/04/03/p7-literacy-and-numeracy-revision/

  1. Copy the two conjunctions in the sentence below.

    The passengers moved to get out, but the pilot held up his hand and they stood still.

  2. Replace the underlined word or words in each sentence with the correct possessive pronoun.

    That bike belongs to me. That bike is _____________ .

    This house is owned by us. This house is ____________ .

    These video games belong to my brother. These games are ________ .

  3. a) Write an explanation of the word antonym.

    b) Write one word that is an antonym of fierce.

  4. Complete the sentences below, using the simple past tense of the verbs in the boxes.

  5. Complete the passage with adjectives derived from the nouns in brackets. One has been done for you.

    Tia hopes to become a famous [fame] sportswoman. Her ______________ [athlete] achievements already include winning races in her home town. She hopes to win  _______________  [nation] competitions one day.

  6. a) Write a sentence using the word point as a verb. Do not change the word. Remember to punctuate your sentence correctly.

b)Write a sentence using the word point as a noun. Do not change the word. Remember to punctuate your sentence correctly.

7. Write the two adverbs in the sentence below.

All of the passengers cheered loudly, and we cheered too.

8. Complete the sentence below by selecting one of the words.

The children played ____________________ it was time to go inside.

instead       until         whereas            since

9. Which word in the sentence below describes how Anita crossed the road?

Anita looked both ways before crossing the road safely.

10. Copy and complete each sentence by adding the correct punctuation.

a) Do not run in the corridor

b) Do let us know if we can help

c) Do you enjoy reading

d) Do plenty of exercise

11. What is the use of an exclamation mark at the end of a sentence most likely to show?

12. Copy and complete the sentence by selecting the most suitable connective from the four options below.

Amrit still managed to smile _______ he was feeling very tired.

although               because              before                 therefore

13. Which verb (from the options below) agrees with the subject in the sentence?

The children _____________  flying the kite.

enjoy                 enjoys                       enjoying                  has enjoyed

14. Insert commas in the correct places in the sentence below.

I gave Zak a magazine two packs of stickers some pens and a drink.

15. Write the contraction for each of the words below.

a) do not

b) I am

c) has not

16. Using the sentence below, which word is the:

a) verb

b) noun

c) connective

d) adverb

The goalkeeper moved quickly and saved the penalty.

17. Copy and complete the passage below by adding the missing full stops and capital letters. You should make two correct sentences.

two people were playing tennis we watched the ball go back and forth over the net

18. Copy the sentence  which uses the word light used as a noun?

The feather was light and drifted in the wind.

The bird had light-coloured feathers.

He used a match to light the fire.

The kitchen light was left on most of the time.

19. In the sentence below, what word class is before? An adjective, an article, a preposition or a verb?

Make sure that you come home before six.

20. Complete each sentence below with I or me.

a) My mum and ___________  watched a film.

b) My aunt sent some presents for my sister and ___________ .

c) Please send the parcel to either Jack or ____________.

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