Technology Masterclass 3.5.17

Image result for straws white plastic cup

What an interesting Masterclass we had this week! Each group was given a design challenge and were then issued with one plastic cup, a length of string, a bundle of straws and a strip of masking tape. You were asked to use these resources to create a bucket tower. You were also given the following Success Criteria:

Your tower must be:

  • able to hold a full cup of cubes
  • free standing (not leaning against something)
  • worked on by ALL group members

Did your group manage? I heard lots of chat and lots of ideas being shared. I liked the fact that a couple of groups used the whiteboards to share design ideas.

We had some wonderful designs created and after trying out your designs holding the cup of cubes some of you realised that you would need to make some changes. Well done, that is exactly what this challenge was all about!

Here are some photographs of you hard at work on your designs. Please show them to someone at home and let us know what they think.

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