Rookie Rockstars – Day 2

We had another fantastic session rocking out with Nick from Rookie Rockstars. We learned another two songs: Bullies Ain’t Big and Hey, Hey (I’m OK!). We practised the actions to the songs and played some air guitar along to the guitar solos. We even had some fun watching a rap battle between two pupils and two teachers! Please tell someone at home what you enjoyed most about today’s session.

If you want tickets but have lost the slip, please write your child’s name, class, House, which night you are coming and how many tickets you want. Remember you are guaranteed 2 tickets (£5 each) and can request extra which will be given out when all tickets have been sorted. Please put the exact money and request slip in a sealed envelope with your child’s name and class. Your child can hand it to their teacher in the morning or hand it in at the office.

Many thanks,

Miss McDowall

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