P5S – Group 1 Maths Homework w/b 24.4.17

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Please read each question carefully so you understand fully what is being asked of you and the type of operation which should be used.

Each answer should show all workings and include a sentence answer. This task should be completed and returned to school by Friday.

Work It Out!

  1. Emma started her homework at 5.35pm. If it took her 37 minutes to complete, what time did Emma finish her homework?
  1. At the beginning of the Easter break Alex had £19.45 saved up. During the holidays he helped out in the house doing chores and now has £67.80. How much money did Alex earn doing chores?
  1. Term 4 is 10 weeks and one day in length. How many days are in term 4?
  1. It is 8.9 miles from Mrs O’Neill’s house to Bishopton Primary School. How many miles does Mrs O’Neill travel to school and back each week?
  1. 8 of the children in our class are 10 years old. The other 17 are 9. What is the combined age of all of the children in our class?
  1. Challenge Question Cameron S was cycling in a race at the weekend.  He had  completed two thirds of the course when he got a puncture. If the total distance of the race was 36km, how far did Cameron manage to cycle?  How far did Cameron have to carry his bike for to reach the finishing line?

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