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Well done to those of you who completed the Dunkirk research task (17/27). I was impressed that most of you used the article and video to select the key information and then para-phrased (reworded) it in your own words. This is an important skill for studying, researching and writing your own texts. I was pleased to see that the majority of you used correct punctuation, capital letters and spelling. Only a few of you made mistakes that could have been easily corrected if you had read over your work before submitting the post. These ‘quick fix’ errors are easily avoidable and it is your responsibility to check your work. The criteria was for the summary to be ‘around 50’ words and most of you hit the mark, however if you were way over please try to summarise the key points.

Please take the time to  read your peers’ summaries.


During ww2, Dunkirk was a retreat back to England by the British army across the English channel. It took place between the 26th of may-4th of june 1940. 338,226 were saved from beaches. Meanwhile British soldiers were still getting bombed by the germans. This evacuation was code named Operation Dynamo.


On the 4th of July, 1940,Nazi forces seized the French port of Dunkirk that had nine days earlier been full of 338,000 British soldiers and a few French that had come up to help protect France from invasion but with the English Channel behind them and Nazi forces advancing on them they needed to evacuate the port and fast on any boat that was free.



1940 German army took over French port of Dunkirk. Month later German forces went through the west stormed into France May 24 ready to take Dunkirk. Germans stopped the attacks so their plans didn’t go to plan. People evacuated May 26. Men stranded Germans going towards them.Boats arrived to save them.German captured Dunkirk. Soldiers went back to fight






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