P7 Burns Poetry Recital


You need to choose one of Robert Burns’ poems to practise and recite for our annual school competition on Friday 27th January. You must rehearse your poem and be prepare  to recite to our class and one other class by Monday 23rd January. You must let me know your chosen poem by Friday 13th. Please use the weblinks below to help you find a suitable poem. The poem should be challenging but manageable. As you are P7, you are expected to choose a poem with a minimum of 4 verses (16 lines).

Poem Hunter – Robert Burns

Scottish Poetry Library

BBC – Burns Poems (has some audio links to allow you to hear the correct pronunciation)

As usual there will be one winner chosen from each class after reciting your poem to our own class then another class within the school.

The following are the points you will be judged on:

  • Good, clear diction.
  • Pace
  • A good understanding of the poem.
  • Correct pronunciation of Scottish words.
  • Good facial and vocal expression conveying the sentiment of the poem.
  • Variation in pace and tone.
  • A moderate amount of appropriate gesture if it comes naturally and if it enhances the poem.
  • Over-dramatisation should be avoided as this distracts the audience and detracts from the flow of words.

You must recite your poem in verse, not singing. 

We are also looking for anyone who can play Scottish music, sing a Scottish song or can perform a Scottish dance. Please let Mrs Davidson know if you are able to perform at the Burns Assembly.

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