Our Beautiful Earth Movie

At the beginning of term we noticed that there was an Aberfeldy Film Festival where children could enter their movies. We were excited by this and wanted to make our entry.

In class we were learning about Climate Change and we wanted to make a movie to encourage people to look after our world so that future generations can enjoy it as much as we can.

We had made a trailer last year and this year we set the challenge of making a ten minute film. All of our filming was shot and edited using our class ipad. We were all given roles during the filming. These included, Prop Managers, Directors, Camera Crew, Actors, News Reporters and Editing Experts.

The film process involved: 

  • Learning about Climate Change.
  • We began learning about the techniques of filming. Such as, long shots, close-ups, range, lighting, sound and using the camera correctly.
  • Through shared writing we created storyboards to map out our movie.
  • We scripted our movie and thought of locations to film.
  • Mr Gibson (a professional artist and illustrator) came in to help us to sketch out our puppets and to bring our characters to life.
  • We made our puppets and designed our costumes and props. This involved creating scenery.
  • We then began filming. We filmed in our classroom and around the village of Kenmore.
  • After we felt we had enough film. We began to piece our story together by editing on the ipad. This was a long process and it took a lot of thinking through to put it all together.
  • We then showed our film to parents at our Harvest Showcase where we were able to receive feedback on our movie.
  • We have now entered our film into the Aberfeldy Competition and are awaiting a response!

Skills we think we have developed: 

  • Filming
  • Editing (Voice overs)
  • Acting
  • Co-operation skills
  • IT Skills
  • Using the ipad
  • Art skills
  • Design Skills
  • Scripting

Please take the time to watch our movie and leave us feedback after this post! Enjoy!


To find the film please visit: 


To find out more information about what we get up to each week please visit our twitter page. @KenmoreP345




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