Book WizARDs Blog

We are a community book club that meet every Monday at half past 2 to discuss the book we are reading. We also pick tasks for every week to give us a bigger understanding of the book we are reading. Our evaluation sheet has helped us to improvIMG_2964e and enhance our book club and has shown us how we are doing, to keep our book club fun and on task we have Book WizARDs rules. Being the leader is one of the jobs that the  p5-7s take turn in. The illustrations wall is a wall that we have, to put our own illustrations on, as that is one of our tasks. We recently made a big decision to change the book we were  reading as some of us were not enjoying the book (Artemis Fowl by Eoin Colin).  As it is near the end of term our teacher Mrs Gibson gave us some evaluation booklets that asked us some questions about the club and how its been for our members view, here are some things people said.

“I have started reading more at home” ,  “The roles were really interesting and helped me understand how pupils discuss/engage/enjoy reading”,   “I’m so more confident in reading”,   “I have read every night now that Book WizARDs is on”

Members – Donna Murray – Trail, Sharon Martin, Rachel Burnett, Skye Murray – Trail, Jessica Corrigan, Merryn Hall and Hazel Martin.

Books we have read (reading)

Precious and the Mystery of the Missing Lion by Alexander McCall Smith (Scottish Book Trust book)
Check out the Book Trailer we made for this book here

Pyrates Boy by E.B Colin (Scottish Book Trust book)

Mondays are Murder (reading)

These are all very good books and would recommend all of them. Genres; Precious and the Mystery of the Missing lion – mystery/ animal, Pyrates Boy – adventure/mystery Mondays are Murder – mystery/crime drama.

Everybody is really enjoying Book WizARDs and I cant wait to start reading the next book.

By Skye Murray – Trail P7