World Book Day 2019

This year we have celebrated World Book Day in a number of different ways.

During a trip to Perth on Wednesday 6th of March we visited Waterstone’s book shop where we were able to browse the books on offer and use our book tokens to buy one each. We were very excited to bring them home with us!

The P1-4 class spent World Book Day with Mrs Forrest. They shared some of their favourite stories including some in Spanish and Dutch. They were then tasked with creating their own stories using only pictures. This meant that the children had to get creative, thinking about how to tell a story without any words. We now have a lovely selection of their books available in our library.

Our P5-7 class spent their world book day creating a surprise for the other class. Each child picked their favourite picture book which they then turned into an audio book! The class had a discussion before recording to decide what they needed to make a good audio book. They decided they needed to speak clearly, pick a good, engaging book and to make sure that they sounded excited when they were reading.

Our World Book Day celebrations were rounded off on Monday 11th of March with a visit from The Deputy First Minister Mr John Swinney who visited the school for a Q&A session. The children worked together to decide on some questions to ask Mr Swinney. They were keen to find out about his favourite books. Once he had answered our questions Mr Swinney finished his visit by reading two of his favourite picture books to us which he had brought from home.

We have enjoyed learning about everyone’s favourite stories, including the Deputy First Minister!

Pupil Council Meeting 28.01.19

In Attendance: Maya, Max, Meghan, Enzo, Jago, Finlay, Jamie, Dara, Mrs Forrest, Mrs Gibson

Rotary Quiz:
Pupils discussed the importance of practicing for the quiz in order to represent the school well. All P6-P7 will attend including 1 reserve who will be selected after some practice tests within class.

Ski Trip:
Details of the ski trip discussed. Fundraising was a success and P6 pupils will attend a planning meeting on Wednesday the 30th of January.

Pupils have decided to support WaterAid this session.

Skills Sessions:
Mrs Forrest is working on developing the skills sessions and is contacting someone from Live Active to assist with this.

Date set for 19th of March. To link in with the topic on Spain the children will be hosting a Spanish Cultural Event. Including dancing, food, art and displaying what they are learning.

Playground safety:
It was suggested by P1-P4 that the children create some signs for the playground to alert them when certain areas are out of bounds and to explain the Buddy Bench. This will be done during Forest School.


Pupil Council 2019

Chair of the Pupil Council:  Finlay

  • Chairs meetings
  • Works with the secretary to create the agenda
  • shares information with the Parent Council and P1-4
  • Ensures everyone’s voice is heard
  • Makes decisions if there is no consensus

Treasurer of the Pupil Council: Jamie

  • Keeps track of the class spending and fundraising
  • Presents an account of spending/fundraising totals at every meeting

Liaison Officers: Meghan, Erin

  • This session we have nominated two pupils to have overall responsibility to make sure that we consult regularly with P1-4 and hear their views.

Secretary of the Pupil Council: Dara, Enzo, Jago, Maya, Max

  • Takes minutes of meetings, including actions and responsibilities
  • Shares information with the Parent Council and P1-4
  • Takes mail and puts agenda together with the chair and HT
  • Writes any correspondence from the Pupil Council