Favourite website

My favourite website is Google , BBC and internet because  you can find any thing atoll and helps me find things out on Google , BBC is extremely fun to watch with someone else and internet you can do anything atoll on internet .

Dragon Egg Discovery !



We went out side to do some art BUT we spotted something unusual on the mound THEY WERE DRAGON EGGS one had a magic painting on it. After that we took the eggs inside, made a picture of the dragons and painted our eggs.   Charlie and I made a dragon letter in dragon writing for the mother dragon we pretended that  the playground was a dragon world. We also found some dragon files but there are some more about those in a different blog and some sparkly gems.

Blogging boot camp

We have now entered blogging boot camp. We are looking forward to writing our blogs every week.  We hope our blogs are interesting and make people want to read more and try some of the things we do. I think Grandtully Primary does some very interesting things. Last week p1-4 found dragon eggs, there is some more about that on another blog, also, a little while ago, we  hatched some chicks so we do some very exiting things at Grandtully Primary so our blogs won’t be boring. We are sooooooooo exited about writing our blogs and we haven’t done them for a while so we are really looking forward to writing these blogs. We also made posters about our brains but we will write more about that in another blog maybe next week  we have lots of things to write about in our blogs and we will enjoy doing blogging boot camp and we hope you enjoy reading our blogs as well.