Weekly Update

Adventure Stories

Our stories are almost finished.  Some pupils in P1 have already published theirs! they are now in our school library.

Visit to Pitlochry Dam

As part of our Eco work we visited the new centre in Pitlochry.  We learned about the fish ladder and the hydro electric scheme. We really enjoyed all the activities. and we saw some really big salmon!

Little Lighthouse Project

We are continuing to investigate circuits and how they work.  Some of us spotted circuits while at the dam!

Camera Trap

Jago, Freya, Minette and Mrs Gibson joined Heather to attend the SNH Awards this week.

We captured our camera trap science project on film and entered this film into the competition. Our film won in the learning and progression category, we won a camera trap of our own to keep!  We will be sharing our film at the showcase event in June but here is a sneak peak!



We independently demonstrated our print making skills by creating collagraph self portraits.

Health & Wellbeing / Technology

We tried some ‘app smashing’ this week, which is when you combine things from different apps to make something. We used this technique to demonstrate our understanding of gender stereotypes. Check out what we came up with.


Building on our Learning

This week we have been really building on our learning from the weeks before.

We got some excellent news this week, our camera trap film won in the category learning & progression!  Our prize is a brand new camera trap of our own! We are very excited as it means we can try and attract different animals into our garden. We would love to get more mammals like hedgehogs, foxes and deer.  We are also thinking about how to attract reptiles and amphibians!

We welcomed our new p1s for their second visit.  They enjoyed a scavenger hunt and planting some sunflower seeds.

This week we have been finding out about electrical circuits to add light to our lighthouse models.  Check out our video below and watch out next week for the results of our experiments.


We have been practicing hard for our Highland Games this weeks challenge was the 3 legged race.  It was quite tricky especially if your partner is smaller than you!  But we were determined and we kept going (and laughing!)


Lighthouse Engineering & Outdoor Fun!

We have been developing our engineering skills this week by designing, building and testing our own lighthouse models.

We have been using estimation,  measure, problem solving, team work, and identifying good materials. It took a lot of persevering.  We tested the lighthouses against the rain (watering can), wind (cardboard), waves (tray of water)  You can see the results in our videos.  The most successful lighthouses had good foundations either rocks, sand or water.













We spent almost all of Thursday outdoors for outdoorlearning day! We explored directions, angles and wrote stories too! We finished off the day with a game of tennis.

Another highlight of our week was meeting our new P1s!  We loved showing them around and introducing ourselves.

The Wee Robbie

We loved taking part in the Wee Robbie yesterday!  Check out this short film https://youtu.be/CLrfs9wDrbI We think the Daily Mile has definitely helped with our fitness, we were all determined to keep going even when it felt difficult.

We have ben using our maths skills to measure up our planting areas, Freya had a great idea that instead of buying seeds we could ask people to send in any spare ones they had and we have had loads in already!

We have had more collagraph fun, this time we thought about the feedback we gave ourselves and tried to make improvements.  We are going to enter these prints into the Fortingall Art Competition.

As part of our Little Lighthouse project we have been thinking about the history of lighthouses.  We were also finding out about Grace Darling.  Erin, Jago and Enzo put together this news report! https://youtu.be/Su-J_juGRjQ

P1 and P2 did some very dramatic drawings of the rescue to help them tell her story.



End of Term Thoughts

It’s hard to believe that it is the Easter holidays already!  We have really enjoyed this term, especially using our camera trap, we feel we have really got to know what goes on in our garden when we are not around!  We are hoping that this increased understanding will help us to support the wildlife we have and encourage us to think about how we can attract other species.  The camera was on loan to us as part of  a project, we do however have the chance to win the camera by entering a short film about what we have captured on video.  We have made a few films and will decide on a final one after the holidays.  You can see them via the links below.





We really enjoyed planning and making our tasty treats to sell at the showcase and would like to thank everyone who supported us in raising over £100 which meant we could cover our costs and have enough to adopt a Red Panda at the Highland Wildlife Park.

Our Showcase

It has been a great term for dancing! We have enjoyed making up our own  animal themed dances with Miss Edwards and following Miss Crawford’s dance steps to create a response to a modern song.   You can check that out at this link https://youtu.be/kEcY4oRzcB4

Our favourite moments of the term

Megan: When we visited the Highland wildlife Park I saw new animals I had never seen close up like the Artic fox and the Red Panda.

Freya: Our visit to the Highland Wildlife Park I was really into red pandas and I got to see one in real life.

Erin: Going to the Highland Wildlife Park, I discovered that animals are endangered because of what we do.

Enzo:  I liked the Highland Wildlife Park I’ve never seen some of the animals like artic fox, polar bears, snow leopards.  I also liked seeing a baby bunny under the tree hut.

Hester: When I went to Highland Wildlife park I got to see real snow leopards and polar bears it felt really cool.

Max:  Highland Wildlife Park because I hadn’t really seen much animals where we live like that before.

Jillie-Ann:  I liked seeing new animals in the camera trap, we were surprised to get lots of bunnies, we didn’t realise that we had a partridge.

Jacob:  When we were at the Highland Wildlife Park and I like seeing the animals in real life.

Nina: I really liked the new animals in the camera trap, they were very exciting I liked the bunnies.

Sofia:  I loved going to the Highland Wildlife park, I had never seen a lot of the animals before.  My favourite animal was the artic fox.

Ursie: My favourite thing was the Wildlife Park I had never seen some of the animals before, I liked the polar bears.

Freddie: My favourite moment was the camera trap I liked seeing the red squirrel.

Julia: My favourite thing was seeing the snow leopard.

Minette: My favourite thing about this term was the Wildlife Park because I’ve never seen a snowy owl before.

Eva: My favourite bit was finding out that the mouse in the camera trap was actually a vole!


We can’t wait to see what next term brings!  Happy Holidays


Fundraising Fun

This week P3,4,5 did some research about WWF.

We wanted to help WWF and we wanted to find out what they did and how we could help them.  We also found a writing competition about how to be a tiger protector so we started writing tiger stories!  Megan

We got our box of badges from the RSPB we are really excited because we are going to support RSPB.  Eva


We thought about what culture and heritage means to us and worked with the art teachers from Breadalbane to create pictures about our heritage.  Enzo

We went to Breadalbane for Scottish dancing it was a lot of fun and most of knew a lot of the dances and even when we didn’t know the dances we just joined in and had fun anyway and now we know more dances.  Erin


We are all really looking forward to showcasing our Aquarium Dance next week!