S1 & S2 Science

Good morning all, I hope everyone enjoyed the lovely weekend. Here are some activities for you to complete this week. This is slightly different to the previous weeks, you can select the topics in each task!

Task One:
Have you got some of these material at home to complete one of these challenges? (Please DO NOT go out to buy material for the experiments, #stayhomesavelives) Try out some of these challenges, send us a photo or video of it and tell us how it went. Maybe you want to master your showmanship by trying out the balloon kebab? or you want to be the next 007 by leaving secret messages with invisible ink?
https://www.jamesdysonfoundation.co.uk/resources/challenge-cards.html  (click to download the challenge cards)

Task Two:
Thinking about a STEM career? Here are a range of professionals who are sharing their skills and what they do on a daily basis in their jobs. Its free to register, click to find out more!

Task Three:
The PE department has given you a fitness booklet to work on. The challenge from Science is for you is to upload a photo of you exercising and tell us which muscle group you are using. You can doodle on the photo if you want.

Task Four:
We know that you guys are very creative, have you ever heard of stop motion animations? Wallace and Gromit? Pingu? These are just some examples! You can use anything, flowers, action figures or bits of paper. You start by taking a photo, move the objects slightly, take another photo and repeat so that when the photos are played one after another, it looks like your object is moving. The more photos you take, the smoother the animation. We look forward to seeing the amazing videos you will produce. Find the app here: https://apps.apple.com/gb/app/stop-motion-studio/id441651297
and here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.cateater.stopmotionstudio&hl=en_GB

Maybe you can tell us a story? Say thank you to the NHS?
We look forward to seeing all your creations, send them in!

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