S2 English

Classes will finish writing their 500 words story this week on the theme of “Hidden Talents'” – materials are in files on MS Teams. Once stories have been written in RED jotters pupils should get a different coloured pen and start editing their stories. As well as reducing errors they should try to improve language by adding similes, metaphors, colour, the weather and using the five senses for description.

S1 English

Pupils will continue to work through the Hallowe’en Unit this week. This can be found in Files on MS Teams.

1.1-1.3 classes should start working on the Creative Writing unit on creation of character which is in Files on MS Teams.

S4 Nat 5 English

Pupils will continue to work through “A Hanging” Powerpoint. Complete all tasks, working towards annotating the text and writing a critical essay.

S1 English

Once presentations are complete, S1 will move onto “Spit Nolan” appearance and personality visualisers.

S5/6 N5 English

Pupils should work through the RUAE PowerPoint in preparation for an RUAE assessment on Monday 5th October. The PPT is available on MS Teams.

They should also be working on a critical essay at home for “Mid-Term Break”, this essay was planned in class and set for homework.