S2 English

S2 should continue to work through the AVU, looking at parts 3 & 4.  The online lessons they undertook alst week from the BBC should be helpful.  The PowerPoint is available on Edmodo and on the website.  Please try to send work to your class teacher and if you have any questions they are available to help you.

S1 English


This week S1 should be working on the Mary’s Meals materials which are part of an Interdiciplinary Learning project with RE and Art & Design.  The materials are avialable on Edmodo and also on the school webiste.  There are links to the film Child 31 which students should watch as part of their work.  The film can also be found on You Tube (link attached)  https://youtu.be/aFU8cU-cICs

Edmodo codes – English

S1 – Taylor High School S1 English – 2dv76w
S2 – Taylor High School S2 English – uygxmf
S3 – Taylor High School S3 English Group 1 (Miss Murphy & Mrs Nelson’s classes) -6y86pm
S3 – Taylor High School S3 English Group 2 (Mrs Rooney, Miss MacPhail, Mrs McCahill & Miss Corrigan’s classes) – 2vn8md
S4 – New S5/6 (Higher English 2020-21) Those intending to sit Higher in 2021 – b4rdfw
S4 – New S5/6 (N5 English) Those intending to sit N5 in 2020-21 – g2ggi4