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P5 Daily Plan – Thursday 28th May


Good morning everyone I hope you have been enjoying the sunshine this week! All of your tasks and resources for today are in your folders on Glow as well as in the Class Story on Class Dojo. If you have any questions please just ask.


  • Open the writing folder on Glow.
  • Click on the Writing Challenge Cards 2.
  • I have given you four new story ideas to choose from.
  • Remember you need to write an introduction, middle section and a conclusion and you will need to use paragraphs to separate your writing.
  • Think about your setting and characters.
  • Take care if you are using speech marks!
  • Remember to send me your writing to read.



  • This week you are looking at singular and plural words. Can you think of any other sets of singular and plural words that are not on your list?
  • Make me a hidden spelling picture with the words you have thought of and I will try to find all of them.
  • Or you could make a wordsearch using the template on glow and hide your words inside that!



Position and Direction – Grid References

  • Today we will be using the Topmarks website.
  • Type Topmarks into google.
  • In the search bar type co-ordinate grids.
  • The activity you need will be the third one on the list of search results.
  • I have uploaded a word document with screen shots of the activity you are looking for.
  • There are three sets of activities – find the co-ordinate, write the co-ordinate and treasure hunt. Try all three.
  • In the numeracy folder on Glow there is a worksheet called pirate map grid references. Try this to practice using grid references. You can print it out or complete it on paper.
  • As an extra challenge I have given you a blank grid reference worksheet too so you can have a go at creating your own treasure map. Challenge someone at home to find the grid references for all of the objects on your map.


Mental Maths – Thursday’s questions are in the folder on Glow.


Spend some time on Sumdog today, the house will be open for you!



  • Following on from last week we are looking at Scottish Pop Art again this week.
  • Last week we used words, today we will use images.
  • Pop art pictures have one identical image repeated four times inside the four squares.
  • The example I have given you uses a glass irn-bru bottle, you can choose any image you like but try to stick to the Scottish theme.
  • I have given you a Pop art examples file also to give you some ideas.
  • Remember to use bright colours!


P.E. – Go Noodle

  • We can’t get onto our class page just now but Go Noodle have free activities for you to try at home.
  • Type into Google.
  • Click on the Good Energy at Home tab across the top of the page.
  • Try out some of the free activities and games.


Have a lovely Thursday!

Miss Connor

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