School Staff



Head Teacher – Miss Marie Love

The Head Teacher has overall responsibility to manage the school to the benefit of the pupils and wider community, within the framework of the council’s policies. This includes the management of staff, curriculum, resources and communication in the school.  In addition the Head Teacher is responsible for managing the corporate life of the school by creating a good school ethos, ensuring positive school discipline and liaising with parents, the local community and the outside agencies which come into contact with the school.  The Head Teacher is professional adviser to the Parent Council.

Depute Head Teacher – Mr Stephen Duffy

  • Manage the Language and Communication Support Centre and Pre-School Assessment Class
  • Management of Outreach Service
  • Monitoring of Teaching and Learning throughout the school
  • Establish and maintain positive relationships with outside agencies
  • Learning Support Co-ordinator and Lead Professional with responsibility for planning
  • Management and timetabling of all support staff throughout the school
  • Advance changes for Improvement
  • Data Champion
  • Deputising duties

 Principal Teacher – Mrs Deborah Dempsey

  • Class Teaching Commitment
  • Health Co-ordinator
  • OOSHL Leader
  • Community events Lead e.g. Christmas Fayre
  • Staff CPD Co-ordinator
  • Medical Protocols Co-ordinator
  • Assist SMT with Quality Assurance Process

Principal Teacher – Mrs Marie McGregor 

  • Class Teaching Commitment
  • Digital Champion
  • Twitter Administrator
  • Religious Education Co-ordinator
  • Languages 1 plus 2 Co-ordinator
  • Rights Respecting Schools Lead
  • Learning, Teaching and Assessment Coach
  • Student/Probationer Support
  • Assist SMT with Quality Assurance Process

Acting Principal Teacher – Mrs Shirley Williams 

  • Class Teaching Commitment
  • Outdoor Learning Co-ordinator
  • Lead LCSC Transition and Induction Programmes
  • GIRFMe Plan Administrator
  • Communicator Friendly Co-ordinator
  • Assist SMT with Quality Assurance Process

Class Teachers

Primary 1 Mrs Julie Mason
Primary 1a (LCSC) Miss Michelle Sneddon
Primary 1b (LCSC) Mrs Nicola Lawless/Mrs Sarah Shaw
Primary 1/2 Mrs Chloe O’Neill
Primary 1/2 (LCSC) Mrs Janice Magee
Primary 2b (LCSC) Miss Keighley Frew
Primary 2/3 (LCSC) Mrs Louise O’Donnell
Primary 2/3 Mrs Marianne Johnstone
Primary 3a (LCSC) Mrs Shirley Williams
Primary 3b (LCSC) Mrs Shirley MacWarren
Primary 3/4 Miss Megan McAuley
Primary 4 Mrs Claire Blair
Primary 5 Miss Rebecca Donaldson
Primary 6

Primary 6/7

Primary 7

NCCT (Mainstream)


Attainment Coach

Nurture Teacher

Mrs Deborah Dempsey

Mrs Marie McGregor/Mrs Nadia Bowman

Miss Danielle McGurk

Mr Jack Anderson (Mainstream)

Mrs Caroline Armour

Mrs Janie Reddick

Mrs Shona Watt

Language and Communication Support Centre Assessment Class (Pre-school)

Mrs Samantha Shields (Early Learning Practitioner)

Lyndsey Bonar (Early Years Support Assistant)


Nursery Class

Mrs Laura McGrath (Early Learning Lead Practitioner)

Mrs Kirsty More (Early Learning Practitioner)

Ms Kathleen Healy (Early Learning Practitioner)

Ms Lauren Arthur (Early Learning Practitioner)

Mrs Kerryanne O’Connor (Early Years Support Assistant)


Visiting Specialist Teachers

Collette Currie (Learning Support Teacher)

Louise Lines (Cluster Resource Teacher)

Achieve More Coaches


Additional Support Needs Assistants

Miss Toni Heeps

Mrs Michelle Whelan

Miss Carrie Simpson

Miss Charlene Andres

Mrs Claire Thompson

Mrs Elaine Beard

Mrs Wendy Lumsden

Miss Jaqueline Duffy

Mrs Ammna Akram


Mrs Yolanda Griffin

Mrs Judith Ferrie

Mrs Hazel Paterson

Miss Louise Gordon



Classroom Assistant

Mrs Alison Murray


Clerical Assistants

Mrs Clare Brown Mrs Eileen Cooper


 Catering Manager

 School Janitor

Ms Julie Gibson

Mr Matthew Stewart