Parent Council


Parent Councils came into force on 1st August 2007. The Parent Council will be determined by the Parent Forum. The Head Teacher will be the professional adviser to the Parent Council.

The Head Teacher or her representative has a right and duty to attend all meetings and these are open to the public.

The Parent Council’s rights and duties include:-

  • Supporting the work of the school.
  • Representing the view of parents.
  • Consulting with parents and reporting back to the Parent Forum on matters of interest
  • Promoting contact between the school, parents, pupils, providers of nursery education and the wider community.
  • Taking part in the selection of senior promoted staff.
  • Receiving reports from the head teacher and education authority, and
  • Receiving an annual budget for administration, training and other expenses
  • Improving home school partnership and facilitating parental involvement.

Members of Parent Councils, on a voluntary basis, may also have an advisory role in decisions on placing requests by parents in respect of those situations where the number of placing requests for a particular school or for a particular stage in a school exceeds the number of places available.

Our Parent Council Members are as follows:


Vice Chairperson





Paula Ferns

Lesley Semple

Natalia McKendrick

Bernadette Ponsonby

Lisa Mills, Aileen Donaldson, Andrew Fenwick, Confidence Agu, Ijeoma Agu, Laura Bowers, Lindsay Bryceland, Tammi Compston. Samantha Taylor, Kirsty Tyrell