Children are generally registered for school during January of the year in which they are due to start school. Those children due to be enrolled are normally those whose 5th birthday falls on or before the last day of February following the beginning of the session. The date is published in the local press, announced in local Churches and posted in the school, local community (e.g. shopping centre, library etc).

Parents or guardians must register their child in the school allocated to their home area and requests for a placement in any school out-with the catchment area school are made at the time of registration.

After enrolment we familiarise our new entrants with school through our Transition Programme. Each child receives a personal invitation through the post to come along to school in May in a small group. The children enjoy a programme of activities and become familiar with the Early Years building.

At the final session of our programme in June, the children meet with their Primary 1 teacher and future classmates while parents meet with the Head Teacher to discuss the practicalities of getting their little one ready for school in August and how we can make this important transition as smooth as possible. From their first week in school our new entrants are assigned a “buddy” from our Senior Classes who will keep a special watchful eye on them, help familiarise them with the playground and the school buildings, see that they have their playtime snack and generally be around until they are settled and more independent. Each buddy compiles a special little “Welcome to School” book for their assigned new entrant. This gives a little snapshot of school life and helps the little one look forward to the exciting new step of starting school. Please note that all Primary 1 pupils will require to attend full-time from the first day of session. 

Parents/carers who are seeking or offered a place in St Margaret of Scotland Primary School, Nursery Class or Language and Communication Support Centre can telephone the school office to arrange a visit.