Marsh Trip

Today children from P6 accompanied Miss Hawthorn to the local marsh to study the difference between our tank eco system in school and the natural pond life at the marsh. The team consisted of some very hard working children who earned their place on the excursion. Before we left we had a closer look at the tadpoles in our tank. So far all have hatched through the plasma and are actively swimming and growing each day. It was a very different story at the marsh. P6 discussed why this is the case and were surprised that the temperature, light exposure and habitat can have such a great impact on the speed of tadpole development. We missed having Carrick at the marsh to explain some of the amazing creatures that we found however we had lots of fun investigating the pond life. We even caught a toad!

We brought back a few samples to show others in the school. It was a great afternoon to be out and about enhancing our learning experiences within the community. It was also lovely to see younger pupils in our school get so enthusiastic and excited to see what we had returned with. Super job P6 for not only using your new knowledge to identify life at the marsh but also for inspiring others in our school to go and have a look.


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