Oaty Porridge

The boys and girls in rooms 13 and 14 received a delivery of yummy porridge and a variety of toppings this morning. We had the chance to try a pot of porridge along with the toppings of our choice. Tomorrow we will be taking part in a virtual field trip along with three other schools as part of the Tesco Farm to Fork programme. We will learn all about where oats come from and the process they go through to get to our homes.

Making Maps

As part of work on compass points, we were also learning how to draw maps. We were given the compass point location of various places in the town. We had to use this information to draw maps of the town with the different buildings in the correct locations.

We had to place the school in the centre of the town with a park and college to the east. South east of the school, we had to put a garage and there had to be a farm and hospital to the  north east. There is a church in the west of the town, with a restaurant and lake to the north west and shops and a car park to the south west. We had to put a swimming pool in the south and a train station in the north of the town.

Here are some of our maps. Have a look and see how well we managed.

compass points

This week Primary 6/7 and Primary 7 have been learning about compass points. We learned to work out the location of different places and to describe their locations using compass points.

Today we were out in the yard using chalk to draw 8 point compass roses on the ground. Then we worked out the location of different places in our local area and we marked them on our compasses.