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cross country competition

On Tuesday 17 February 2015 some of our school took part in a race at Coatbridge Outdoor Centre these are all the people took part. Kaitlyn, Caitlin, Lewis, Connor, Zac, David, Lewis, Leon, Emily, Megan, Jimmy, Tony and Ben  are all the people that took part in the race. It is a big event that schools and children take part in. In each race there is over 100 people. There were only 2 people that got through to the finals and they were Kaitlyn and Lewis.  Well done to them!


F.A.R.E Legacy Games

P6/7 are going to be participating in the fare legacy games on 13/03/15 they are also participating in training for these games.

The training they are receiving contains

60m sprint

200m sprint

200m baton relay



speed bounce

standing long jump

They will be picked up by a bus and taken to the emirates arena in Glasgow.


Valentines disco

Our school had a Valentines Disco on Thursday the 12th of February. Our page boy was Matthew and our maids of honour were Abbie and Catherine. The queen and other page boy was from St Davids. The other page boy was Shaye and our gala queen was Courtney. The gala day is a parade and after the parade in the big football park there are shows and people do dancing and the queens crown gets placed . The gala day royal are going dress shopping to pick their dresses and the boys will also go with the girls to get their kilts. We are going sometime in March.  This year the  gala day is on Saturday the 13th of June.



In I.C.T. we are learning how to be safe on the internet  I already knew how to be safe but its nice to have some friendly reminders.

We were also learning about internet safety. I am really enjoying it its so much fun. I can be safe on the internet.  I have learned to never talk to strangers and never give out personal information.


PALS update

PALS stands for Plains Active Learning Stations and we do this on a Monday afternoon  from 2:00pm – 3:00pm.  Here are the names of groups and teachers responsible for our new PALS groups.

Good News  –  Mrs Paterson and Mrs Paul

Drama –  Mrs Matthews

International – Miss Gray

Primary 1- 4  French – Mrs Forbes

Guitar Lessons – Graeme Paterson               Only continues for 6 weeks

Arts and Crafts – Miss Henderson

Chess – Mrs Mcluckie

Health and Wellbeing – Miss Gibb





Guitar club

Graeme Paterson takes a guitar club on every Monday . At the guitar club we have learned the g chord, d chord and c chord.  The guitar club is on between 2 o clock and 3 o clock in the afternoon. The guitar club will only be on for another 2 weeks.  On the last week we will perform with our guitars  in front of the full school In the   assembly.

Netball Tournament Final Day

This year our school team has reached the final stages in the annual netball tournaments. The finals will take place on Friday the 27th of February at 10am. Mrs Wilson has been taking the team for practices but the children who will attend on the day are still to be selected. Everyone is very excited to be going to the finals and are all looking forward to the day.

Hello and welcome!

Hello and welcome to the Plains Primary School Blog.

We hope that this is another easy way for you to keep in touch with what is going on in our school and allow us to share information with you.

Our pupils have been working hard in ICT and have been learning about different ways of communicating and also how to stay safe while online.  Stay tuned for our next post which will come from P6/7 as they try out another method of communication!