Loch Awe Homework

Pupils in Loch Awe were issued with a fresh homework pack today. We did discuss the following, but in case of any confusion, here is some more information:

Please copy the missing word sheet into the jotter.
Please do a total of 2 spelling activities- one each week. This week’s rule is that “u” always follows “q”. Pupils should check the words they have chosen are spelled correctly before completing any task.
There will be a different rule and different set of words for next week’s task.
Pupils can write on the maths sheets.
Pupils should make a mind-map of an endangered animal of their own choice. Pupils will need to research this and this is the reading element of this homework block. The mind map should be recorded in the jotter.

All work to be handed in by 30th September.

The standard of the homework for Block 1 was high and the return rate was excellent. Thanks for your on-going report.

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