Head Teacher (Acting): Mrs M Reid

Overall responsibility for the administration, running and management of the school.

(i) Establish, sustain and enhance the culture of self-evaluation for school improvement;

(ii) Develop staff capability, capacity and leadership to support the culture and practice of learning;

(iii) Ensure consistent high quality teaching and learning for all learners;

(iv) Build and sustain partnerships with learners, families and relevant partners to meet the identified needs of all learners;

(v) Allocate resources effectively in line with identified strategic and operational priorities. Across all of these areas, Head Teachers contribute to leadership for improvement at school and system level.


Principal Teacher: Mrs N Polatajko

The duties of principal teachers are, in addition to any duties of a teacher that may apply, to:

(i) lead, manage and support the work of colleagues providing strategic direction and guidance as necessary:

(ii) lead curriculum development and quality assurance;

(iii) contribute to the development of school policy in relation to the behaviour management of pupils;

(iv) review and support professional needs, and performance of colleagues through continuous professional development:

(v) where required, lead, implement and manage whole school policies including, where appropriate, guidance, pastoral care and behaviour support.



Primary 1 –  Miss A Saleem


Primary 2 – Miss E Brannan


Primary 3 – Miss D McLaughlin & Miss K Grier


Primary 4 – Miss S Agnew


Primary 5- Miss K Craig & Mrs N Polatajko


Primary 6- Miss S McCormick & Mrs S Hendry


Primary 7 – Miss L Wallace


Non Class Contact – Mrs S Hendry/Mrs N Polatjko

In accordance with ‘A Teaching Profession for the 21st Century: Agreement reached following recommendations made in the McCrone Report’ (2001) teaching staff all receive 2.5 hours non-class contact time per week. this is used for a range of activities to include: preparation and correction, preparation of reports, records keeping, curriculum development and forward planning.



(Lead) Early Learning Practitioner

Mr P Cairns

Early Learning Practitoners 

Mrs A Mair

Mrs N Akhmedjanova

Mrs K McCormick

Support Worker

Mrs L McMullan

Miss T Ramsay



Senior Clerical – Mrs MC Russell

Classroom Assistant – Ms E Blades

Breakfast Club/Dining Room Assistant – Mrs T Henderson

A.S.N.A.-  Mrs C Magennis


Janitor – Mr B Walker

Catering Manager – Mrs K Torley

Catering Assistant – Miss J Traynor

Catering Assistant – Mrs S McFarlane

Catering Assistant (Nursery) – Mrs J Kirkland

Cleaning Supervisor – Mrs K Stewart

Cleaner – Mrs K Longmuir


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