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New Monkland Primary is situated in the village of Glenmavis. It is conveniently placed between the original village and the housing estates built towards the north end of the village, and is easily reached on foot from both areas.

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To ensure the safety of children walking to school, a crossing patrol has been provided at the junction of Coatbridge Road and Condorrat Road and another at the junction of Raebog Road and Appin Way. The school is on the bus route from Airdrie. Pupils who live in the outlying areas outwith the village, but within the school’s catchment area, are taken to and from the school each day by private transport.

The school is non-denominational with co-educational status. Stages taught are
from Nursery to Primary seven.

ADDRESS Raebog Road

TELEPHONE 01236 794883
FAX 01236 779057

New Monkland Primary also has a Nursery Class that provides pre-5 education for 3 and 4 year olds catering for a maximum of 50 children, 30 in the morning and 20 in the afternoon. Five sessions a week are offered either mornings or afternoons. A separate Nursery Handbook is available on request.

Present School Roll 159
Present Nursery Roll 30/20

It is sometimes necessary to form composite classes. Composite classes are generally small in size with never more than 25 children in them.

Associated Secondary School
Airdrie Academy is the Secondary School associated with New Monkland Primary School and good liaison procedures are in place to aid continuity of learning and teaching, and to ensure a smooth transition for all pupils.

Letting Procedures
It is the Authority’s policy that school accommodation be made available, as far as possible, outwith school hours for use by the community. Such use by groups, clubs, etc. will be in accordance with approved letting procedures and any enquiries should be directed to the Community Education Area Office, Victoria Community Centre, Queen Victoria Street, Airdrie ML6 0DB. At present the Boys’ Brigade use the school for a range of after school activities.


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