Parent Partnership Group

As a parent of a child at this school you are automatically a member of the parent forum.  The Parent Forum is composed of all the parents and carers of children at the school and nursery.  As a member of the Parent Forum you can expect to:

• Get information about what your child is learning

• Get information about events and activities at the school

• Get advice/help on how you can support your child’s learning

• Be told about opportunities to be involved in the school

• Have a say in selecting a Parent Council to work on behalf of all parents/carers at the school

• Be invited to identify issues for the Parent Council to work on with the school

Parent Partnership

As a member of the Parent Forum, you are entitled to put yourself forward for membership of the Parent Partnership.  Please note that if the number of interested parents/carers exceeds the number of places available then members will be decided by election.

Where you will find a link to the Scottish Government’s leaflet, “Parents as Partners – The Purpose and Role of Parent Councils”. The Head Teacher has a right and duty to attend all meetings of the Parent Partnership as the professional adviser to the Parent Council.  These meetings are open to members of the public.

The Parent Partnership’s rights and duties include:

• Supporting the work of the school

• Representing the views of parents/carers

• Consulting with parents/carers and reporting back to the Parent Forum on matters of interest

• Promoting contact between the school, parents/carers, pupils, and the wider community

• Fundraising

• Taking part in the selection of senior promoted staff

• Receiving reports from the head teacher and education authority; and

• Receiving an annual budget for administration, training and other expenses

• Improving home school partnership and facilitating parental involvement

To contact the Parent Partnership, please contact the school (01236 794883). The local councillors for the school may attend all meetings of the Parent Partnership and have the right to speak but have no right to vote.  Detailed information on eligibility for membership of school boards and procedures for electing parent representatives are available on request from the school.  Minutes of all Parent Partnership Meetings are available below and parents/carers are welcome to attend any of the meetings.

Parent Partnership Chair:  Miss Christina Stewart

Vice Chair:  Mrs Charlene Wood

Treasurer: Mrs Lynne Shanks

Secretary:  Miss Kirsten Grier


Mrs Vicki Peacock

Mrs Fiona Beggs

Miss Helen Mitchell

Mrs Lesley Stevenson

Mrs Diane McIntyre

Miss Kate Tweedie

Miss Carolyn Caulley

Teaching Staff:

Mrs Mary Reid (AHT), Mrs Nichola Polatajko (PT)


Parent Partnership AGM – 22nd September 2021


Constitution for New Monkland Parental Partnership Sep 2021