Eco and Malawi Supporting our Local Food Banks


The Eco and Malawi committees took on a major initiative before Christmas and organised a food drive in the school to help our local food bank. Food is a main focus for both committees and we thought it would be fantastic if we could support those in our local community who need help with food and house hold essentials.

We invited our local food bank representatives ( Annette and James) in to present to us at a school assembly and talk about some of the great work they do. The Eco and Malawi committee wrote a letter to the parents asking them to donate and telling them what things were suitable for donation. Both committees teamed up to produce posters that were displayed in and around the school and village. We also created a powerpoint to show at the assembly. Our food drive lasted for 10 weeks and we collected a massive amount of donations that had to be collected over two pick ups!

This made a huge difference to those who needed it in our community.



Primary 1 – Making Healthy Sandwiches



Primary 1 made healthy choices and selected lots of tasty and healthy fillings for their sandwiches.  We now know brown bread is a better choice than white bread and some of us tried foods we had never tasted before and now really like it.

We tried cucumber, lettuce and tomatoes.

We prepared our own sandwiches and ate them afterwards.

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