National 5

Course Content
Candidates gain an understanding of chemistry and develop this through a variety of approaches, including practical activities, investigations and problem solving.
Candidates research topics, apply scientific skills and communicate information related to their findings, which develops skills of scientific literacy.

The Course Content includes the following areas of Chemistry:

Chemical Changes and Structure
In this area, topics covered are: rates of reaction; atomic structure and bonding related to properties of materials; formulae and reacting quantities; acids and bases.
Nature’s Chemistry
In this area, topics covered are: homologous series; everyday consumer products; energy from fuels.
Chemistry in Society
In this area, topics covered are: metals; plastics; fertilisers; nuclear chemistry; chemical analysis.

Course Progression 
Other qualifications in chemistry or
related areas
Further study, employment or training

Recommended Entry Requirements 
Candidates should have achieved the fourth curriculum level or the National 4 Chemistry course or equivalent qualifications and/or experience prior to starting this course. Candidates may also progress from relevant biology, environmental science, physics or science courses.