Advanced Higher

Advanced Higher

Course structure
Units are statements of standards for assessment and not programmes of
learning and teaching. They can be delivered in a number of ways. Units can be
taught sequentially or in parallel to each other. However, learning and teaching
approaches should provide opportunities to integrate skills, where possible.

Inorganic and Physical Chemistry (Advanced Higher)
This Unit develops a knowledge and understanding of the principles and
concepts of inorganic and physical chemistry. Learners will discover how
electromagnetic radiation is used in atomic spectroscopy to identify elements.
They will extend an understanding of the concept of atomic structure by
considering atomic orbitals and electronic configuration related to the periodic table. Using electron pair theory, learners will predict the shape of molecules. Learners will gain an understanding of the physical and chemical properties of transition metals and their compounds. Learners will investigate the quantitative component of chemical equilibria. They will develop their understanding of the factors which influence the feasibility of chemical reactions. Learners will progress their understanding of reaction kinetics by exploring the order and mechanisms of chemical reaction.

Organic Chemistry and Instrumental Analysis (Advanced Higher)
This Unit develops a knowledge and understanding of organic chemistry.
Learners will research the structure of organic compounds, including aromatics and amines, and draw on this to explain the physical and chemical properties of the compounds. They will consider the key organic reaction types and mechanisms, and link these to the synthesis of organic chemicals. Learners will discover the origin of colour in organic compounds and how elemental analysis and spectroscopic techniques are used to verify chemical structure. They will study the use of medicines in conjunction with the interactions of the drugs.

Researching Chemistry (Advanced Higher)
In this Unit, learners will be given the opportunity to gain an understanding of
stoichiometric calculations, to develop practical skills and to carry out research in chemistry. Learners will develop the key skills associated with a variety of different practical techniques, including the related calculations. Equipped with the knowledge of chemistry apparatus, techniques and an understanding of concepts, learners will identify, research, plan and safely carry out a chemistry practical investigation of their choice. The Unit will equip learners with the scientific background and skills necessary to analyse scientific articles and use them in order to make informed choices and decisions.

Conditions of Award
To gain the award of the Course, the learner must pass all of the Units as well as the Course assessment. The required Units are shown in the Course outline
section. Course assessment will provide the basis for grading attainment in the Course award.

Recommended Entry
Entry to this Course is at the discretion of the centre. However, learners would
normally be expected to have attained the skills, knowledge and understanding required by the following or equivalent qualifications and/or experience:
Higher Chemistry Course

This Course or its Units may provide progression to:
HND/degree in a chemistry-based course or a related area
Acareer in a chemistry-based discipline or related area
Further details are provided in the Rationale section.

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