Welcome Back!

We are delighted to be back and to welcome our pupils to Caldervale for another school year. For the time being we will operate a bi-weekly timetable utilising double periods to ensure pupil entitlement and limit movement around the school.

Pupils are encouraged to wash their hands frequently throughout the day and hand sanitisers should be used upon entering and leaving the building.

Pupils will be required to wear face coverings while moving around the school building, in corridors, on stairs, in public places and on school transport. Please ensure pupils bring face coverings with them whenever possible although free masks will be available from the school office for those without.

Pupils should also be prepared for inclement weather as they will be encouraged to use outdoor spaces as much as possible.

We now have touch point cleaning throughout the day and are operating staggered breaks and lunchtimes.

We will continue to use online resources and Show My Homework/Teams to set home learning tasks.

Please click below for some advice on digital learning.

Watch this short video to find out more about how to keep up to date and in touch.



New S1

Our new S1 pupils have had a very positive start. The uniform standard is exemplary and they have shown enthusiasm and maturity in their conduct around the school so far. Remember, there are some short videos below which might help remember new teachers’ names and subjects…


Caldervale High

Caldervale High School seeks to provide the best possible experiences for our young people. We do this by focusing on excellent learning and teaching, leadership development, delivering an exciting and challenging curriculum and providing excellent support and opportunities for our young people.

We hope that this website gives you an insight into our school community and the many successes of our young people.

Skills Development Scotland & Covid19

Although Skills Development Scotland cannot deliver career services face to face at the moment, they are still there to help. Your child can contact their school Careers Advisers David Muir or Celia Greig for career information, advice and guidance at David.muir@sds.co.uk  or celia.greig@sds.co.uk or visit myworldofwork.co.uk.
You can also still access their career services. Call your local centre to speak to one of their qualified advisers. Find your nearest centre at  http://www.myworldofwork.co.uk/centres

You can also find their services for parents/carers online at


http://www.mykidscareer.com ]www.mykidscareer.com

You can check the local SDS Facebook page for more information and any short term up to date local employment opportunities  www.facebook.com/SDSNorthLanarkshire or call the Airdrie office 01236 757400 during office hours as this will always be manned.

School Newspaper!

Last year we introduced our very own school newspaper, The Daily Vale! Why not click below for news about our school and what we got up to? The next  edition will be issued soon!


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